Feel the tradition of Bled Package


Each village and each house had a patron saint worshiped and commemorated by the harvest feast. Just as it used to be colorful and fun during the village holiday, and there was no shortage of good music, dance, food and drink, here you will experience a very special holiday of our house seed. You will spend two wonderful nights in the Bled countryside at the Nature Hotel Lukanc with a homemade breakfast. In addition to the evening event at Sodar you will see the Bled castle and get to know the beekeeping treasures of Ambrožič Beekeeping with a honey tasting in Selo near Bled.

Available dates

1. 7.
8. 7.
15. 7.
22. 7.
5. 8.
12. 8.
19. 8.
26. 8.

The package includes:

  • 2 overnights with breakfast at Nature Hotel Lukanc - Selo pri Bledu
  • Ticket to see Bled Castle
  • Guided tour of Ambrožič Beekeeping with honey tasting
  • The entire adventure program at Sodar as described
  • Homemade food and drinks
  • Organized transportation from Bled to the Pr Sodarju homestead and back
  • Gift - a farewell souvenir gift

Price: € 188.00 per person

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