Folk singing


Presentation of folk singing

Traditionally songs were a way for people to convey stories from place to place and from generation to generation. It was a way of expressing themselves; and a faithful companion during all life’s milestones.  The lyrics are the most important part, the melody adapts to it – with the pitch of the voice, with pauses when it is necessary to catch a breath.

In most Slovenian places, including in the Gorenjska region, the most common was three-voice singing, with voices forward (main tune), bass and over (accompanying upper voice). When someone wanted to be a good singer, they sang to “iber” or “tretko” (highest supporting voice).

At Sodar, we prefer three-voice:   

Forward – Petra Benedičič, Uroš Benedičič, Urška Praprotnik Zupan 

Across – Karmen Licef, Jan Potocnik 

Bass – Tomaz Zupan, Andrej Begovic