The farmer celebrates Package


Description: Peasant work requires a lot of sacrifice, effort and dedication from man. Since the works were done manually in the 19th century and a lot of time and energy had to be invested, after finishing the work and celebrating “likof”. The celebration will consist of depictions of farm chores, such as mowing (hay mowing) as well as harvesting (wheat, buckwheat, millet and flax). In addition to mowing and harvesting, we will also show you the work that has been done on this occasion.

Because "likof" meant celebrating a job well done and was performed at an event packed with song, dance, music, food and drinks that were typical of this holiday. The “family” will be wearing work dresses from the late 19th century.

Available dates

13. 6.
25. 7.
8. 8.
12. 9.

The package includes:

  • The whole experience program as described
  • Homemade food and drinks
  • Organized transport from Bled and back to Bled
  • Gift - a souvenir gift for a happy journey

Price: € 47.00 per person

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