When the birds marry


Celebrating the holidays, which are in winter but already forecast springtime.  Love and light are the staple of this holiday, which already heralds the lengthening of the day and the ritual of dropping the lights into the water. St. Valentine's Day was once regarded as the announcement of a bird's wedding, well wishing for a good harvest, happiness and health, while announcing the beginning of the awakening of nature. The custom of "throwing" lights near the creek is traditional for St. Gregor's name day. This old custom proclaims the extension of the day and the end of candlelight and petroleum lamps. As for any holiday, we will play, sing and dance, toast with a good drop of drink and enjoy home-cooked meals.

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15. 2.
14. 3.

Spomlad je tud lepo,
ko rožce cveto,
metuljčki letajo
in ptički zapojo.

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