The farmer celebrates


Farm work requires a great deal of sacrifice, effort and dedication from a man. Since the works were done manually in the 19th century and a lot of time and energy had to be invested, there was a big celebrations after the all the work was done. The most important of the farm holidays are mowing (hay mowing) and harvesting (wheat, buckwheat, millet and flax).

In addition to the mowing and harvesting, we will also be displaying other works that were held on this occasion. Because "likof" meant celebrating a job well done or it will perform an event interspersed with song, dance, music, food and drinks that were characteristic of this holiday.

"The working family and crew" will be presented in work dresses from the late 19th century.

Available dates

13. 6.
25. 7.
8. 8.
12. 9.

Prav luštno je polet,
ko slišmo ptičke pet,
ker one nas uče
kak moramo živet.

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